The Forever 10 was conceived on the premise that the most important factor in cutting a diamond is bringing out its brilliance. It has taken numerous years of development to create Forever10’s exceptional symmetry and facet alignments that provide its signature elements of 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows. Only a small percentage of all rough diamonds are suitable to cut into the unmistakable 10 hearts and 10 arrows of Forever 10. Each of these extremely rare diamonds is hand crafted by one of only 50 master artisans in the world. The meticulous cutting process ensures that under any lighting condition, the superior brilliance of the Forever 10 is instantly recognizable. The Forever 10 cutting process allows for greater precision, and the additional facet sequences result in a brilliance that surpasses a traditionally cut diamond. With 10 perfect hearts and 10 perfect arrows the Forever 10 takes its place as the world’s most brilliant diamond.

Antwerp Diamonds

Every year, we travel nearly 10,000 miles to hand select diamonds in Antwerp for our customers. Antwerp, Belgium is where 60-80% of the world’s diamonds are cut and traded, and is known as the “Diamond Capital of the World.” With our connections overseas, we are able to cut out the middleman, and save money in the process. With this elite service, we extend these savings to our customers, and are able to get the best selection of diamonds in the world. We proudly comply with the Kimberley Process, which prevents conflict diamonds from entering the diamond trade, and by doing so, we are able to import conflict-free diamonds into the United States.