Diamonds and Emeralds

Customer Desire – use all of the diamonds and two emeralds she was no longer wearing in one dynamite ring. We think it speaks for itself.


Customer Desire – Make a simple solitaire ring unique. We set the antique cushion cut diamond horizontally on the finger and added a bushed finish to a rose gold band.

Blue Druzy

The stone in the center of this pendant is called a druzy. We chose to mount the stone uncut giving the piece a rustic elegance. In fact, we built a cage of white gold around the back of the pendant so the druzy can be seen in its natural state. Every part of this piece is handmade and there will never be another like it.

Diamond Ring

This is one of Grace’s designs. She fell in love with the richness of the green tourmaline and designed the ring around it. Every part of the ring is handmade without a mold or a CAD rendering, so it truly is one of a kind.

Watermelon Tourmaline

The watermelon tourmaline is the star of this pendant. We love the straight lines of the gem combined with the whimsical swirls of the white gold.


The central stone of this pendant is also a druzy. The striking contrast of the fiery sparkle of the front and the raw natural state of the back is what makes this handmade piece extraordinary.

Crossed Wedding Set Pendent

Customer Desire – she wanted to wear her wedding set in remembrance but without it looking like a wedding set. The long vertical portion was the wedding band. We rolled it out flat and added the pendant bail to the top. The engagement ring was the ribbon portion going diagonally across the band. It was also rolled out and then welded over the band. The challenge was making a round ring with so many diamonds flat while maintaining stability.

Circle Pendent

Customer Desire – wear her husband’s wedding band and her original wedding rings to remember the love and years they shared. We mounted the diamonds in their original settings from her wedding rings inside his wedding ring. We added a pendant bail to the top so it lays flat. Now she can keep the rings close to her heart in the form of a pendant.

Heart Ring

Customer Desire – turn his wife’s funky, plain, sterling silver, Brighton heart ring (that she loves so much), into a mother’s ring… and yes they really do have ten children. The existing ring was made of a quality of silver that we could not use and guarantee the ring’s durability. Our solution was to make a mold and cast it in white gold. We then set the heart shaped diamond in the center to represent her. The ten birthstones were then burnished into the outside edge.

Gold Ring

Customer Desire – re-create her original wedding set that she always regretted selling, but bigger. The yellow gold portion was a stock mounting. What makes this ring special is the simple white gold band that was perfectly cut by hand to match the lines and indentations of the yellow gold heart shaped portion. The craftsmanship is so exceptional on this piece, it looks like we made a mold.

Blue Pendent

Customer Desire – make her childhood yellow gold birthstone ring into something she can wear now. The surface of the gem was scratched so we had it re-faceted. We cut the shank completely off her ring, only keeping the portion that holds her birthstone. Using a CAD design, we made the white gold portions to nestle around the yellow gold and set diamonds she had from another piece she was not using. The end result is a pendant made from the memories of her childhood.